A hygienic environment is very important in every working area. In areas where food is processed you definitely have to comply with hygiene codes and the food-safety demands of the HACCP system. We can help. Whether you need personal protection, effective cleaning equipment, professional cleaning materials, toilet paper or practical dispensers, you’ll find exactly what you need in our range.

Prevent cross-contamination with a colour code system

For companies that want to implement optimum business hygiene, many of our products are available in several colours. This means your gloves, aprons, hairnets and caps, scouring pads, cleaning cloths, buckets and even covers for Norm trolleys will slot easily in a colour code system that minimises the chance of cross-contamination between different departments. The functional Qleaniq brushware even have a unique coding system of up to 10 colours.

Recommended products

Qleaniq® Cleaning paper, 1-ply, 21.5cm, 280m, White.

Product code 682903
€ 25,95 /box, 6 pcs Excl. VAT

ComFort Glove, Vinyl, powdered, M, white

Product code 690514
€ 5,50 /box, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

Qleaniq keukenontvetter spray

Product code 509326
€ 4,05 /bottle Excl. VAT

ComFort Glove, Vinyl, powdered, L, white

Product code 690516
€ 5,50 /box, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

ComFort Glove, Vinyl, powdered, S, white

Product code 690512
€ 5,50 /box, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

Qleaniq desinfectie spray Ethades

Product code 509327
€ 6,15 /bottle Excl. VAT

Qleaniq Vloerreiniger concentrate

Product code 509333
€ 4,05 /bottle Excl. VAT
€ 20,50 /box, 6 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 36,95 /box, 250 pcs Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® Washing-up liquid, 1000ml

Product code 509331
€ 4,05 /bottle Excl. VAT

ComFort Hairnet, Non-woven, white

Product code 690908
€ 4,95 /box, 100 pcs Excl. VAT

Qleaniq® Cleaning paper, 1-ply, 20cm, 300m, Blue.

Product code 682908
€ 24,75 /packet, 6 pcs Excl. VAT