Offer your guests, clients and employees a cup of tea or coffee comfortably yet economically by opting for the combination of loose insert cups and reusable cup holders. Place the loose cups in the cup holders and pour the drinks as normal. The cup holders have a stable foot and a roomy handle that is comfortable to hold. Both the insert cups and the cup holders are lightweight, sturdy and water repellent and, thanks to their practical design, they take up very little storage space. The cup holders are also easy to clean so they can be reused. Ideal for canteens, coffee corners and catering companies.

DEPA® Cup sleeve , PP, Brown .

Product code 451915
€ 5,05 /box, 12 pcs Excl. VAT

DEPA®, Vending cup, pS, 150ml, 6oz, 66mm, white

Product code 451432
€ 9,10 /shrink, 300 pcs Excl. VAT

Cup sleeve , PP, B31, Brown .

Product code 221140
€ 41,70 /box, 120 pcs Excl. VAT