A delicious fresh orange juice or other fruit juice, a fresh smoothie, a cooling glass of lemonade or super-healthy water with fresh mint and fruit? They can all be served in our disposable juice glasses. These versatile glasses made of sturdy, transparent plastic come into their own at breakfasts, lunches and dinners and are a boon during parties, events and festivals. A number of our juice glasses can even be combined with a flat or domed lid so they are easy to carry without spills. Add a (sustainable) straw to the juice glass and let the enjoyment begin.

Glass, 200ml,

Product code 454882
€ 35,95 /box, 160 pcs Excl. VAT

Glass, orange juice glass, PS, 100ml, 75mm, transparent

Product code 453141
€ 6,45 /shrink, 100 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 11,05 /box, 200 pcs Excl. VAT
€ 56,95 /box, 1000 pcs Excl. VAT