I’M a SNACK Concept


Are you looking for an attractive, differentiating packaging range for French fries and snacks? Meet the colourful, fresh and trendy I’M a SNACK packaging. It has the same eye-catching style and look as the popular I'M a COOL concept, is both practical and versatile, and is, therefore, a 'must have' in every snack bar and cafeteria that wants to treat its customers to a total taste experience.

Everything you need in one packaging range

The I’M a SNACK concept comprises a snack carrier bag, seven snack bags in standard sizes, a snack envelope, a snack sheet and two sizes of conical bags. The snack packaging is supplied in units of 1,000 pieces; a practical quantity that guarantees sufficient stock while preventing storage problems, over stocking and large investments.

Suitable for all food providers

Thanks to the clever design this snack packaging range is also ideal for other food and catering providers, such as bakeries, cinemas, delicatessens, party caterers and lunchrooms.

An eye-catching and differentiating total concept

In both colour and style the I’M a SNACK packaging dovetails perfectly with the other I’M a Concept product ranges. Reap the benefits of a recognisable, eye-catching and differentiating total concept for all your packaging.

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Populaire producten uit ons I'M a SNACK-concept

I'M Concept Bag, I´M a SNACK, Pulp, Flat paper handles, 32x 17x25cm, snack carrier bag , white

Product code 270201
€ 33,40 /box, 250 pcs Excl. VAT

Sheet, Papier/Kunststof, 34x33cm, i´M a SNACK,

Product code 226317
€ 13,95 /packet, 250 vel Excl. VAT

I'M Concept Container, Karton/Coating, 460ml, 16oz, smartServ, white/Grey

Product code 414225
€ 77,05 /box, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

I'M Concept Container, Karton/Coating, 750ml, 26oz, smartServ, white/Grey

Product code 414226
€ 95,15 /box, 500 pcs Excl. VAT

Conical bag holder, Metal, Stainless steel.

Product code 227101
€ 13,60 /piece Excl. VAT

I'M Concept Bag, Paper, 24x21cm, RIP ME OFF!, bleached

Product code 630045
€ 29,95 /box, 250 pcs Excl. VAT