The Swedish brand Rapid has stood for quality, efficiency, simplicity and eye-catching design since the 1930s and its unique K1 stapler has been an international best-seller for decades.

Leading manufacturer
Originally known as the world’s leading manufacturer of staplers, Rapid now supplies a wide range of staplers, tackers, glue guns, hole punches and related accessories for the office, the home, do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals, for example in the construction sector.

Swedish Effixity
Rapid is part of the large Swedish Esselte concern that was founded under its original name, SLT, in 1913. By utilising world-wide distributors Rapid has become a secure brand in the field of fixing. Rapid’s philosophy is ‘easy, effective Swedish fixing’, in Swedish ‘Rapid - Svensk Effixity’.

Staples Rapid, Metal, 13/8.

Product code 529204
€ 9,95 /box, 5000 pcs Excl. VAT

Staples Rapid, Metal, 24/8.

Product code 529010
€ 3,95 /box, 2000 pcs Excl. VAT

hechttang rapid classic 1

Product code 519130
€ 24,00 /blipcser Excl. VAT

hechtpistool rapid 23

Product code 519081
€ 44,65 /blipcser Excl. VAT

hechtpistool rapid 13 geel

Product code 519080
€ 25,00 /blipcser Excl. VAT
€ 7,95 /blipcser Excl. VAT