With printed wooden wine boxes you are ensured a unique, eye-catching gift packaging or original business gift. Have your wine boxes printed with your own company logo, slogan or image, fill them with wine, whisky, special beer or other drink and you will have a professional bottle packaging that reflects the image of your company. We can print your wooden wine boxes for one or two bottles with your own full-colour design when you order as few as 24 boxes. Also special: a wooden wine box printed or laser-engraved with your own design, available from just five pieces. Read all the details on our special information pages about printed wine boxes and laser-engraved wine boxes.

Wine box, Your own printing, wood, 2 bottles , incl. houten deksel, 85x337x176mm

Product code 479356
€ 6,50 /piece Excl. VAT

Wine box, Your own printing, wood, 1 bottle , incl. houten deksel, 85x337x95mm

Product code 479355
€ 4,50 /piece Excl. VAT

Wine box, Your own printing, lasergravering, 1 bottle , with lid, 95x85x340mm

Product code 479092
€ 19,00 /bundle, 5 pcs Excl. VAT