Bring flowers and plants into your house or office and you bring in colour, atmosphere and oxygen. In one word ... life! Every reason then to enhance the interior of your home, shop, office, food service establishment or care institution with a colourful bouquet, a beautiful bunch of Roses, an elegant Areca Palm, a sturdy Elephant’s Foot, an exquisite Orchid or one of the many other options. Ordering the most beautiful bouquets and bunches, green and flowering houseplants, orchids, succulents and even herb plants from us is very easy. All our flowers come straight from the flower auction and, at the time you order them, your plants will still be in the grower’s greenhouse. Fresher than that is impossible.

Safely transported in special boxes

To transport your fragile flowers and plants we, in collaboration with PostNL, designed special flower and plant boxes. These SendProof mailing boxes made of FSC Kraft cardboard provide optimum protection to your fresh purchases during transportation. The plants are fixed firmly in place in the box so they cannot move around or tip over on the way. Flower stems are wrapped in 'Chrysal Arrive Alive' – a spongy material that provides your flowers with water while they are in transit. This is how we guarantee your green purchases will be delivered in perfect condition.