British twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph have been fascinated by design since they were very young. In 2003 they clustered their strengths with the launch of the Joseph Joseph brand. Their goal: to create functional, problem-solving household products. Their first success was a simple, hygienic glass chopping board.

Award-winning household brand
Today the Joseph Joseph brand offers an attractive collection of clever and innovative products for kitchens, bathrooms and waste management. From a modest start Joseph Joseph has evolved into an award-winning international household brand that is sold in over 100 countries and has offices in London, New York, Paris, Düsseldorf and Tokyo.

Intelligent waste separation
In our webshop you will find Joseph Joseph’s famous Intelligent Waste Totems for separating waste in homes and small businesses as well as the attractive and practical Joseph Joseph garbage containers for collecting compostable waste while cooking.

Joseph Joseph, Waste bin, 300314, Staal/rvs, 60l, 800x400x300mm, Silver

Product code 23-20300314
€ 188,02 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Joseph Joseph, Waste bin, 300307, Pedaalemmer, 30l, 684x390x292mm, Mat RVS/Zwart

Product code 23-20300307
€ 180,69 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Intelligent Waste Totem 58 Recycler

Product code 23-20300215
€ 219,99 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Intelligent Waste Totem 48

Product code 23-20300208
€ 148,21 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Joseph Joseph, Waste bin, 300161, Plastic , 4l, 160x235x195mm, Grafiet

Product code 23-20300161
€ 27,07 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Joseph Joseph, Waste bin, 300154, Plastic , 4l, 160x235x195mm, Stone

Product code 23-20300154
€ 26,32 /Stuk Excl. VAT