ComFort Apron and coat, LDPE, 81x125cm, 20my, blue

These flexible aprons make food-safe working very easy.

Double protection

These half (knee) length blue aprons prevent dirt and bacteria on clothing coming into contact with food and, at the same time, protect the wearer’s clothing from splashes of dirt and moisture.

Strong and supple

The waterproof aprons are made of ultra-strong and supple plastic (LDPE polyethylene). Their sturdiness and comfort in use make these high-quality aprons the ideal protection for workers in food service companies, food industry kitchens and cookery schools.

A good fit

The functional aprons are available in one, universal size that, thanks to its well-designed cut, fits all. The head opening and ties on the back ensure the apron stays securely in place while working.

On a handy tear-off block

The aprons are intended for one-time use and are supplied on a handy perforated block from which they can easily be torn off one at a time. Hang the block on a dispenser on the wall and your aprons are always in the same place so are easy to find.

Various colours

Aprons are available in various colours. This makes them easy to use in a colour coding system aimed at minimising cross-contamination between different departments.

Food-safe working

Everyone who works with food understands the importance of food-safety. We offer an extensive range of HACCP products developed especially for professional kitchens that make working in a food-safe way easy.

Product code 690009
Brand ComFort
EAN 8710883022427
Colour Blue
Environment and quality
Quality hallmark Food safety
Material LDPE
Weights and measures
Length (cm) 125
Width (cm) 81
Thickness (my) 20

Brand ComFort

Think of your personal protection and you think of ComFort®. For over 20 years ComFort has been the trusted name for a high-quality range of (personal) protection articles, such as sleeve covers, shoe covers, hairnets, visitor coats, cover sheets and (household) gloves.

Quality and comfort
All the ComFort products are certificated in accordance with the European guidelines and tuned to current users’ needs. Comfort and convenience are as important as quality so that the people who use the products every day are happy to wear them. ‘Must’ then becomes ‘want’. This improves the level of hygiene in the working environment considerably!

Working hygienically
With ComFort you benefit from an HACCP total solution for comfortable, hygienic and food safe working. This makes the ComFort range indispensable for people who work every day in the (food processing) industry, health care, professional cleaning, food retail and food service sectors.


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