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These lightweight foam peanuts provide optimum protection to vulnerable products.

Effective buffer material

Fill the empty spaces in your boxes and other packaging quickly and easily with foam peanuts or foam chips. This highly effective buffer material guarantees that your products will arrive at their destination safely and undamaged.


These open-8 filling peanuts weigh virtually nothing and, therefore, have almost no effect on the weight of the package. At the same time they fill the voids in boxes or packages so the contents are held in place and perfectly protected from shocks and knocks.

Ideal large bag

The filling material is supplied in a large, 500 litre, bag. An ideal size for warehouses and larger businesses that have sufficient storage space and that use large quantities of filling material.

Also in 150 litre bags

Smaller businesses and webshops can also opt for the compact, 150 litre, bags.

Product code 395510
Brand SendProof®
EAN 8714215004655
Colour White
Material EPS
Version Foam pellets
Weights and measures
Contents (l) 500.0

Brand SendProof®

SendProof Packaging is our quality label for a complete and well-considered offering of mailing packaging. Good packaging means more efficiency in the chain, less damage, fewer returns and, therefore, lower costs. That is what SendProof Packaging stands for.

Safe and efficient
SendProof’s products are suitable for mailing both food and non-food products safely and efficiently. We offer the right mailing packaging for every product; from books, cosmetics and bottles of wine to fresh vegetables, meat and fish. Maximum product protection, optimum user convenience, cost efficiency, experience and low environmental-impact are key criteria for the SendProof range.

Achieve savings with professional products
In addition to a complete range of standard mailing packaging we also, under the name SendProof PRO, offer advice and inspiration in respect of the complete (e-)fulfilment process. On the basis of the packaging scan, ‘Catch The Savings’, we help you with, for example, the optimisation of your packaging logistics process, the design of creative made-to-measure packaging and/or the development of a sustainable alternative packaging.

With the environment in mind
If you sell a lot online you need a lot of packaging material. With SendProof PRO we pay considerable attention to reducing the volume of ‘empty air’ that is mailed. We also, with the support of our research centre - The LCA Centre - look very carefully at the composition of packaging materials to ensure the environmental-impact of our mailing packaging is as low as possible.

SendProof Packaging is the proof that good mailing packaging pays dividends.


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