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With SizzlePak® you can protect products and give them a festive look in no time.

Eye-catching zigzags

This amazing filling material made of small strips of paper is easy to recognise thanks to its eye-catching zigzag shape. The strips are pressed tightly into the box so in use they will spring out to three times their boxed volume. SizzlePak is especially suitable for using as a decorative filling material for gift baskets or boxes of light to medium-weight products.


Fill your Christmas boxes, gift baskets, bottle packaging or gift hamper with a layer of brightly coloured or natural SizzlePak and nestle the gift in or on it. The SizzlePak doesn’t only look festive, thanks to its good shock-absorbing properties it also protects the products.

Environmentally responsible

SizzlePak is a clean and virtually dust-free filling material so will not adversely affect the look of your products. The springy paper is not static, which makes it easy to re-use, and the environmentally-responsible strips are bio-degradable and can be disposed of with the old paper.

Large box

SizzlePak in several colours (natural, green, deep red, white and yellow) is available in 5 kg boxes that are ideal for warehouses and webshops. SizzlePak® in a wide range of colours is available in 1.25 kg dispenser boxes that, thanks to their handy size, are easy to place on your cash desk or wrapping counter.

Product code 391483
Brand SizzlePak®
EAN 8714215046389
Colour Green
Material Paper
Quantity per pallet 24
Weights and measures
Contents (kg) 5

Brand SizzlePak®

Are you looking for an effective and decorative filling for packets and packaging? The SizzlePak® produced by DS Smith is a perfect solution. SizzlePak is an exceptional filling material comprising thin strips of coloured paper folded into zigzags. SizzlePak will not only make your packaging look more attractive, thanks to its shock-absorbing properties it will also protect your breakable or delicate products from knocks and falls.

Clean and environmentally-responsible
SizzlePak is 100% bio-degradable, non-static and virtually dust free. This makes it an ideal, clean filling material for gift packages and hampers, fruit baskets and Christmas boxes. Surrounded by SizzlePak toys, business gifts, china, bottles of drink and other light to medium weight products will also look festive and stylish and be well protected.

Ready to use
SizzlePak is supplied in large or small boxes. Simply open the box and the SizzlePak is ready to use. Because the strips have been pressed tightly into the box, when you use them they will spring out to three times their boxed volume. This makes SizzlePak economical to use and reduces the amount of storage space required.

Large and small boxes
The large boxes of SizzlePak are ideal for warehouses and webshops. The small dispenser boxes are a handy size for placing on a shop cash desk or wrapping counter.

Many colours
We stock this unique filling material in a wide range of colours. From black, white and natural via red, green and yellow to sky blue, lime green and silver, to name just a few. So, there is always a colour of SizzlePak® that complements the contents of your gift package or reflects the ‘personality’ of your company.


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