Wie schrijft, die blijft!

Ondanks het bestaan van de pc en de smartphone schrijven we nog steeds graag en veel. Aan een bureau zonder balpennen, fineliners en potloden valt immers echt niet te werken! Bij ons vind je een ruime keuze aan schrijfwaren. Van pennen en (vul)potloden in allerlei kleuren, materialen en varianten (zelfs touchscreenpennen) tot markeerstiften, etuis, puntenslijpers, gummen en complete pennensets.

Did you know that…?

... the average pen contains enough ink to draw a line 2.7 kilometres long? Do you know what’s the first thing everyone writes with a new pen? Of course you did – their own name. And did you know that the pen has always been at number-1 in the list of the top-3 most popular business gifts?

What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave

How to write is something you are never too young to start learning. And the best way to encourage children to write (and draw) is to make it fun. This is why we offer an extensive children’s range of special pens, pencils and other writing implements in bright colours, fun shapes, decorated with numbers, animals, dolls and even a blinking light. What child could resist? We even have pencil cases in many colours in which they can keep their personal writing and drawing kit.

The power of the promotional pen

Did you know that during its (2.7 kilometres) long life a promotional pen is held by an average of seven people? This makes pens an extremely economical way to make your company name visible to a great many people. Send a pen with your products, give them to your staff and visitors, hand them out during trade fairs and presentations… We can’t think of a more economical and effective message carrier. Can you?

Everyone loves a pen

“Do you have a pen for me?” These days we telephone, type, e-mail and text, but we still pick up a pen to make a note of something or simply sign our name. Look in your kitchen drawer, in your bag, or on your desk. Everyone has pens, everyone uses pens, everyone loves pens.

Perfect quality pens

In our enormous pen collection you will find pens ranging in price from a few cents to tens of euro. At that price what you get is a luxurious pen in a beautiful box that makes an ideal personal business gift or a stylish jubilee gift. All our pens, from the cheapest to the most expensive, are of a perfect quality and are ideal for personalisation.

A selection from our extensive writing implements range

Pencil, blue.

Product code 11-2799_06
€ 0,20 /Stuk Excl. VAT

2-Delige schrijfset

Product code 11-3298_08
€ 2,31 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Touch screen balpen

Product code 11-6608_453
€ 0,51 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Pencil, Wood, meerkleurig.

Product code 11-2460_09
€ 0,49 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Parker Ballpoint pen , Steel, schrijfkleur Blue, black

Product code 11-1418_01
€ 20,88 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Balpen met stylus en schermcleaner.

Product code 11-4312_01
€ 0,68 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Marker, white

Product code 11-1052_02
€ 0,53 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Marker, neutraal

Product code 11-1071_00
€ 0,89 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Pennenset, zwartschrijvend

Product code 11-5768_11
€ 26,25 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Marker, white

Product code 11-3445_02
€ 1,94 /Stuk Excl. VAT

2-Delige schrijfset

Product code 11-3298_23
€ 2,31 /Stuk Excl. VAT