Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift? Surprise your customers, prospects and suppliers with an original and eye-catching business gift that reflects your image. During a trade fair or seminar, around Christmas, during an open day or simply when visiting a client, a gift will show you appreciate the relationship and you are guaranteed to make an impression.

Stand out with colourful business gifts

An attractive and colourful promotional product is always noticed, especially if it’s printed with your logo or company name. Our range includes a large collection of colourful umbrellas, cups, water bottles and writing implements. Everything can be printed with a text or image of your choice. We regularly add new product groups to our selection so come and take a look soon.

Business gifts






Cups and water bottles


Promotionele artikelen

Umbrella, automatic, red

Product code 11-0942_08
€ 9,97 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Umbrella, kids, green

Product code 11-4005_04
€ 4,29 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Umbrella, manual, assorted

Product code 11-4058_09
€ 6,50 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Umbrella, golf, red

Product code 11-4064_08
€ 3,99 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Umbrella, opvouwbaar, orange

Product code 11-4092_07
€ 3,30 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Umbrella, opvouwbaar, orange

Product code 11-4938_07
€ 7,77 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Umbrella, automatic, green

Product code 11-5238_04
€ 4,99 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Umbrella, automatic, black

Product code 11-0942_01
€ 9,97 /Stuk Excl. VAT

2-Delige schrijfset

Product code 11-3298_08
€ 2,31 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Drinking cup, PP, 400cc, 202gr, Ø8,1cm, red

Product code 11-2613_08
€ 2,42 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Bottle, water bottle, PVC, 750cc, light Green

Product code 11-4292_29
€ 5,24 /Stuk Excl. VAT

Marker, neutraal

Product code 11-1071_00
€ 0,89 /Stuk Excl. VAT