Our attractive and practical collection of uniforms and workwear has been developed and produced by Tricorp - the North-Brabant company that is the market leader in modern business apparel for the most diverse professional branches. The letters ‘RFC’ in Tricorp’s logo are an acronym of ‘Representative Functional Clothing’. This expresses precisely what we want to supply: functional and well-fitting workwear for professionals.

Every application has its own label

Casual: contemporary, comfortable and hardwearing basic workwear in which you will look well-groomed at all times and everywhere.
Corporate: fashionable and beautifully-tailored trousers, waistcoats and jackets for men and women in every corporate environment.
Premium: innovative, hardwearing and trend-setting workwear, always made from the latest materials and following the latest fashion, for professionals with an own identity.
Safety: high-visibility clothing that is proven to be safe and comfortable.
Specials: totally made-to-measure, (almost) everything is possible for every company with its own clothing wishes and requirements.
Workwear: sturdy, safe and reliable workwear that fits well and that meets the stringent demands of branches such as construction, industry, transport and logistics.